You Need Not Meditate


These days you can't surf on the Interweb without getting bombarded by New Age charlatans and medical doctors alike telling you to meditate.

Wanna be more productive? Meditate.
Wanna learn a new language? Meditate.
Wanna get a high paid job in a FAANG company? Meditate!!
Wanna meet extraterrestrials? MeDItAte

Why not?

Now listen closely. You don't need to meditate. yah. Meditating is not for everyone. I can think of two groups of people:

  1. People who are living unhealthy/unproductive lives.
  2. People who are stressed about fitting meditation in their schedule.

Regardless of your group, you must know that meditation in about reducing noise and what we are chasing after in our lives is signal. sadly, we are surrounded by noise.

I am in group 1, what should I do?

If you are sitting around all day doing nothing, meditation won't help you. Instead you need to replace your bad habits with good ones. You can't tolerate 5 minutes of work without getting distracted by your phone, what do you think going cold turkey on noise (distractions) will do to your sanity?

I suggest reading Atomic Habits by James Clear... or just watch one of its many summaries on Youtube(antifreespeechtube).

I am in group 2, what should I do?

If you are in this group, you are wasting your time trying to make time for meditation. "B-but my favorite productivity influencer told me stop making excuses". Yeah, they did. But ask yourself this: Did they achieve the passive income that allows them to sit around and do nothing (meditation) by listening to their own advice? By trying to fit meditation in your life, you're turning signal (benefits of meditation) into noise (useless stress).


Go after signal (External) G1 Reduce Noise (External) G2 Reduce Noise (Interal) ((AKA Meditation))